Friday, we were finally witness to an actual decision from Senator Hutchison in which she said that she would not resign from the Senate until after the Republican Primary election. The announcement immediately followed this headline: In Texas GOP Showdown, Perry Leads Hutchison 46% to 35% – that from a new Rasmussen poll.

Two months ago, polls showed the race a toss-up following the Senator’s tour of the state to launch her campaign for guv. Before that time, Perry led Hutchison by 10 points. We watched as Hutchison’s presence in the state eroded much of Perry’s early lead. Then after mostly having returned to Washington, Hutchison’s polling progress evaporated with Perry’s lead returning to pre-tour numbers.

After analysis of this, how many reasonable people would conclude that the way to victory in the upcoming primary would be to stay in Washington?

Let’s review: Kay Bailey in D.C. has Perry with 10 point lead; Kay Bailey touring around Texas has the Senator polling equally to, or ahead of, Perry, and then; Hutchison back in Washington returns a double-digit lead to Perry.

Exactly who is supposed to conclude that Hutchison is serious about running for governor if her plan is to remain in D.C. for the bulk of the primary election season?

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