It is time for someone to pull the covers back on the number one tactic liberals have used to stymie conservatives for decades. It is known mostly by its common name “The Process” (TP), but political scientists know it by its scientific term; “liberalus muckus upus legislates”. Apparently, decades ago God spoke from a burning mesquite tree and sent down to the people “TP” for them to follow rigorously in the procreation of laws for the peasants. In the course of worshipping “TP” the god-like legislators forgot that the peasants actually elected the legislators to pass and rescind laws that protected the peasants FROM the government not enslaving them TO it.
It is an absolute fact when liberals gain even a minuscule majority in any legislative body they inform their new found servants that their miniscule majority is a mandate “from the people” to legislate as they will. They remove any roadblocks to passage of their ideas as well suppress conservatives from even weighing in with objections. Of course they wouldn’t deny us free speech; they just want us to do it while NOT in the legislative body, hearing rooms or any official gathering. Conservatives, on the other hand, fearing offending anyone or being labeled as a “hypocrite” or acting “un-Christian-like” immediately handcuff themselves to the nearest “Process” so as restrain themselves from passing any legislation not approved by “The Minority”. While the cat-calls of “protecting the minority” reverberate throughout the halls of legislatures (carried sycophantically by various media outlets) conservatives offer up as a sacrifice their worldview at the altar of “The Process” (cue the Hallelujah chorus). Since when has parliamentary procedure and the protecting of the minority equaled NOT passing ANY legislation that the minority does not agree with?
In the Texas Senate this year they passed a “Rule” change that says that a Voter ID bill does not have to have a 2/3 vote to be heard on the Senate floor. Never mind that the Texas Constitution does NOT require the Senate to have a 2/3 rule to bring any legislation to the floor but the stately Senate has developed this TRADITION of passing as little legislation as possible and this helps Senators from both parties hide behind “TP” to say they supported something but “it just didn’t have enough votes” to get to the floor. The reality is that if Republicans had the 2/3 majority of the vote the Democrats and the media would demand a 7/8 majority. If they cleared that hurdle the same people would demand a unanimous vote so as to show bi-partisanship.
The next time you here a gaggle of politicians singing the harmonious praises of “The Process” you can bet that more freedoms died and government power grew and the serfs continued to make bricks. Meanwhile that “glorious city on a hill” had its lights dim just a little more…it’s just all part of…”The Process”.


7/24/24 Chinese National Importing Fentanyl

-Chinese National Charged in Massive Fentanyl Importation Case -US Rep. Arrington’s Defund Muleshoe Land Grab Amendment Passes in House Vote -Tarrant Appraisal District Directors Pass Reforms Requested by Taxpayers

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Pat Fallon is making Texans proud, JD Vance has given Texas a great reason to seriously consider making the Texas Homestead exemption larger, and Representatives Toth, Tinderholt, and Schatzline and pressuring Democrat chairs who are supporting Kamala Harris to act on important policy issues.