If you like the current property tax system, love illegal immigration and think the government should get much bigger, the Fort Worth Star Telegram is in your corner, promoting the “change” candidacy of far-left Democrat Chris Turner against conservative stalwart Bill Zedler.

It’s a hard sell. The Star Telegram writers, in criticizing Zedler, say he is “decrying the property tax appraisal system.”

So is everyone whose paying attention, which apparently doesn’t include the Star Telegram. That State Rep. Bill Zedler is working to reform — and eventually eliminate — the property tax system puts him squarely in touch with his voters.

The editorial board dismisses “free enterprise, limited government, limited taxes and family values” as “slogans” that when practiced are “downright bad.” Again, most thoughtful Texans would vehemently disagree.

Instead, the editorial board is promoting the empty promise of a “time for a change” in bringing on what they describe as the “young and untested” (but very liberal) Chris Turner.

The Star Telegram is so blinded by their far-left ideology that they simply don’t know up from down. Maybe that’s why the Star Telegram had to shutter its Austin bureau and is losing circulation. They simply aren’t relevant.