Endorsing Straus doesn’t make Straus a conservative. It makes you a liberal.

The man you endorsed:

  1. Was brought to power by the Democrats
  2. Only has unanimous pledges for Speaker from one party in the House of Representatives: The Democrats. Straus is the Democrats choice.
  3. Presided over a session wherein roll-rates indicated clear Democratic control
  4. Opposes revenue and appraisal caps and chaired Ways and Means with a liberal Democrat who bragged about killing it
  5. Appointed another gatekeeper on Elections who killed Voter ID
  6. Is unanimously opposed by every grassroots group that has spoken out on this speaker’s race, even county Republican parties.
  7. Headed up a fundraiser for Democrat Patrick Rose while refusing campaign money to all Republican challengers. Republican challenger Jason Isaac won anyway.
  8. Has intimidated those opposing his speakership.
  9. He has a career 100% NARAL rating and defends Planned Parenthood

When establishment politicians go to battle they recruit conservative reputations to use as sheilds, since theirs become mud as soon as people start paying attention.

That’s what makes your endorsement of him such a head-scratcher. You received a 68% on YCT’s conservative scorecard, 78% on Empower Texans’s, and a 77% on Heritage Alliance’s. You were never a conservative in the first place! Your endorsement reinforces what the anti-Straus people have been saying all along: only liberals like Straus.

I guess we should thank you!