On Wednesday, the Young Conservatives of Texas announced their support for attorney and activist Jennifer Fleck in the GOP primary runoff for an Austin-area seat Republicans hope to retake in November, Texas House District 47.

“I would like to encourage all conservatives in House District 47 to cast their votes for Jennifer Fleck in the July 14th runoff,” said Manfred Wendt, executive director for the organization. “She will be a strong fighter for our conservative family values. I look forward to seeing her continue the fight for those values in Austin.”

“While many have turned their backs on our culture and surrendered the public square to the progressive left and cultural Marxists, Fleck has stood tall and been an outstanding leader in fighting for our longstanding conservative values in the midst of our ever declining culture,” he added.

Fleck is in a runoff election with police officer and small brewery owner Justin Berry for the Republican nomination, the winner of which will face freshman Democrat State Rep. Vikki Goodwin of Austin in the November election.

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has made no endorsement in the race. A rundown of the runoff election can be viewed here.

Cary Cheshire

Cary Cheshire is the Vice President of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. A 6th Generation Texan, Cary attended Texas A&M University was active in a number of conservative causes including Ted Cruz's Senate campaign. He has also worked on campaigns to elect conservatives to Congress and the Texas Legislature. Cary enjoys college football, genealogy research, and the occasional craft beer.