Austin City Council members were seeing dollar signs earlier today, thanks to a $14.3 million surplus. So what did they do with the extra tax dollars? Spent it, of course!

Thanks mainly to higher than expected sales tax revenue, the City of Austin has extra cash on hand. Are you lucky enough to live in Texas’ capitol city? Don’t expect to get any of your money back.

Council members spent the day hard at work figuring out what new multi-million projects they could spend your tax dollars on. In the end, they put most of the money into “affordable housing projects,” as well as a plan to remove curfews for the three of the city’s “hike and bike” trail.

What’s that? What about some tax relief? Silly taxpayer.

This is Austin after all, and weirdness doesn’t come cheap. Why would the city offer any form of tax relief when there is clearly a huge demand for hiking and biking at 3:00 a.m. in the middle of the week?

But don’t worry; you can still expect your annual property tax increase to come next year.


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