Houston METRO seems to have their own version of creatively wasting your tax dollars to increase ridership. With a series of music videos by the “Transit Boyz”, the Houston public transportation system hopes to educate and encourage more passengers to ditch their cars. Unfortunately for them, it only encourages taxpayers to ditch the METRO bureaucrats that signed off on them.

Transit Boyz – a parody of the hip hop band Beastie Boys – is a group of three children of Houston METRO employees created to “reach out to the next generation of transit riders and promote public transportation.” In other words, METRO appears to be so desperate, they’ve enlisted children to appeal to younger generations that are seemingly unaware of the financial costs of public transportation boondoggles.

While the rhymes aren’t quite as poetic as the taxpayer-funded waste on Cap Metro buses in Austin, these kids (or more likely bureaucrats) deserve a little bit of credit for stringing a few lines together:

C’mon take it easy, there is no fuss
The only way to ride is…on the bus
You wanna go, we got your ride
All around the city… to the west side 

Got more bus service.
Coverin’ all your bases
Ridin’ down the street
METRO’s going places.

However, all the credit goes out the window upon reminder that taxpayer money and resources produced the videos and website – TransitBoyz.com.

Here’s a sampling of what your tax dollars created:


Ready to ride now?


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