Battleground Texas might field a candidate for State Representative in House District 83 after all. Lubbock ISD School Board President Steve Massengale will likely tout his new endorsement from the Lubbock Educators Association. But, he will fail to mention this group is the local affiliate of the Texas State Teachers Association, the Texas chapter of the nation’s largest teacher’s union, the National Education Association.

Ignoring the obvious connections that the NEA, and vis-à-vis, TSTA have with radically liberal causes, it is appropriate to focus on the Lubbock Educators Association itself in this upcoming election: they endorsed the far-left candidate for governor, Democrat Wendy Davis.

In politics, often the truest judge of your character is not whom you choose to associate with, but who chooses to associate with you. It is worth speculating what other red-letter endorsements Massengale has yet to garner and whether his coalition of Davis Democrats can give him an edge in this race. Based on Massengale’s support for a ridiculous, money-wasting, tax-raising monorail plan for Lubbock and his challenge to conservative State Rep. Charles Perry, one could be led to believe that Massengale is running as a Democrat anyway.

Republicans in District 83 will go to the polls this March; for conservatives, the choice has become exceptionally clear. Texans have much to fear from Davis Democrats, and Republicans shouldn’t be fooled by Massengale. Candidate Steve Massengale will probably attempt to conceal or obfuscate the Lubbock Educators Association-Wendy Davis connection to avoid alienating conservatives in District 83. It is up to us to make sure he doesn’t get away with it.

Featured image: Eric Gay/AP