Most elected officials wait until they get to Austin to break the campaign promises
they made to their constituents, but not Lady Theresa Thombs.  Her style of
campaigning is sadly what too many Texans have come to expect from politicians: saying one thing while doing another.

Lady Theresa Thombs, who is running in the Republican primary for Tarrant County’s open house district 91, is politically dishonest.

Thombs pledged to oppose taxes, but advocates for a tax hike.

Thombs, who was recently endorsed by the Texas Association of Business, signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge on December 27, 2011.

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge represents a candidate or official’s commitment to their constituents to oppose or vote against any increase in the overall tax burden in Texas.

Meanwhile, Thombs prominently lists “implementing a one-and-a-half cent sales tax” increase as her 2nd major legislative priority on her website.  Clearly, Thombs’ signature on the pledge is blatantly contradicted by her campaign commitment to hike sales taxes.

Tarrant County voters don’t deserve this type of double talk epitomizing the type of leadership that voters do not need in Austin.

Luckily, there is a consistent conservative in the race: former Tarrant County Republican Party Chair Stephanie Klick.

Klick is the conservative choice in HD 91

Stephanie Klick is the only other candidate for HD 91 to have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, but based on her record Klick means to keep her word.

As an activist and party official, Stephanie Klick has been a forceful advocate seeking to hold elected officials accountable to conservative principles.  As Republican party chair she’s held the line for comprehensive voter ID and against attempts at tax increases.  So it’s no surprise that Texas conservatives support Stephanie Klick.

Taxpayers in Tarrant County deserve a state representative that upholds their conservative ideals, not one who actively makes campaign promises they fully intend to break.

UPDATE 4/27/12: Last night Thombs updated her website with a new tab “Education Funding” that attempts to explain her tax plan.  You be the judge if it’s more double-talk.