A new YouTube ad by left-leaning Republican State Representative candidate Steve Massengale should offend all voters who no longer watch Sesame Street recreationally.

The deceptively child-like ad is a negative hit piece against conservative State Representative Charles Perry. The ad, which was tweeted to all 20 of Massengale’s Twitter followers (as of this writing) features “Biscuit,” presumably the Massengales’ family pet.

Biscuit declares his avowed objections to State Representative Perry in a voice-over better suited for a children’s cartoon character. The final line in the ad from the narrator is, “Even the dog gets it.” This final line is most tacitly abusive and insulting to voters, implying that those who don’t support Massengale are less intelligent than Biscuit, a dog.

Even without examining the political content of the ad, it is fitting to ask, “What were they thinking?” Is this how candidate Massengale wants to contribute to the democratic conversation in West Texas, by communicating with potential constituents like they are children? One must wonder what TV timeslot or channel Massengale will employ to air his ad: Saturday morning on broadcast television (mostly when cartoons are featured), Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel?

While Biscuit is cute, he imparts little substance to the race for the Republican nomination for House District 83. Some substantive facts Biscuit failed to mention are glaring regarding the candidacy of Mr. Massengale. The outspokenly liberal Texas ParentPAC and Wendy Davis supporting Lubbock Educators Association, both endorse Massengale. Texas Parent PAC is most well-known for its dedication to complacency and the mediocrity of the status quo in Texas public schools, and for its fight to keep parents of (usually impoverished) children in failing public schools from having any other choices in education.

With these facts, there can be little doubt that, if elected, Massengale would be another tool for the political establishment in Austin, a pawn for a Purple Texas. The flagship of Massengale’s policy platform is his support for a tax-money-wasting monorail proposal for Lubbock. Massengale is also known for his support of higher taxes. Oddly, despite his claim that Perry is a “career politician,” Massengale acknowledged a desire to “build seniority,” which is another way of saying that he himself would like to become a career politician. Even the dog could be overwhelmed by the irony.

Biscuit’s chief compliant against Perry is that “[…] he’s not like us.” Despite being a dog, Biscuit is right, Rep. Perry is NOT a moderate like Massengale.