Texas high school booster clubs are the next targets of Big Brother. Their crime? Not selling enough healthy food at concession stands, subjecting them to stiff fines from the state.

As most of us know, high school sports are huge in Texas. And so are high school booster clubs. Thanks to Texas Department of Agriculture regulations to combat obesity eight Houston schools are being fined a total of $73,000 because their booster clubs failed to sell a requisite amount of healthy food at concession stands. Westbury High School’s football coach, for instance, got into hot water for selling fried chicken to raise money for the his team.

And when school districts threaten to cut band or women’s golf programs because they can no longer rely on booster club revenue to adequately fund them, who will they turn to? The taxpayer, of course!

Will we all lose a few pounds by turning Friday Night Lights into Friday Night Diets? Who knows. One thing is for sure: big government makes all of our wallets a lot lighter.


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