Carthage High School is ready to celebrate their recent 3A football championships in jumbo-sized fashion when the season starts at the end of the month. The district has spent $750,000 on a new Jumbotron – the largest high school scoreboard in the world to be precise.

What the new Carthage High School Football scoreboard will look like when it’s finished – courtesy of the Longview News-Journal.

When those Friday-night lights come on this season, Carthage taxpayers will be staring at the largest scoreboard of any high school in the world. That’s right, 3A Carthage High School will have a bigger jumbotron than 5A football powerhouses Southlake Carroll, Austin Westlake, The Woodlands, Converse Judson, and Allen High.

And it isn’t like the aforementioned schools are conservative when it comes to spending money on athletics. For example, Allen High School is opening its new $60 million high school football stadium this year. It’s the fifth largest high school stadium in the state – and second largest only to Mesquite in terms of stadiums dedicated to a single high school.

So why does 3A Carthage High School need a scoreboard that measures over 50 feet tall and 58 feet wide? (approximately 1,200 sq. ft. of video screen)

So says Carthage ISD Superintendent Glenn Hambrick:

“To me, one of the biggest enticements is the learning opportunities we get for our kids, our high school television and broadcasting department.”

Who knows what kind of enticements $750,000 could have brought their Math, English, Science, and History departments. Perhaps it would have improved the district’s 39% instructional spending rate.


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