Recently the hashtag #NeverTrump has become a very popular rallying cry of sorts on Twitter for conservatives with strong objections to GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Unfortunately this sentiment, while legitimate in its reasoning, has the potential for catastrophic consequences.

As the Digital Communications Coordinator for Empower Texans, I spend my days staring at a constantly scrolling social-media feed filled with political commentary from the leading conservative voices in our state and across the nation. #NeverTrump has been added to the end of many tweets condemning Trump’s latest sound bite, flip-flop, or one of Trump’s own inflammatory tweets. The hashtag has now been adopted by conservatives from all walks of life.

The concerning fall out from this “movement” is in the potential for many to feel that #NeverTrump means, “stay home.” Too often these tweeters fail to explain that they will not vote for a president, or simply vote for a third party, but they will however vote to protect conservatives the rest of the way down the ballot.

In Texas, voters will choose their representative in the U.S. and Texas House of Representatives, state senators, State Board of Education, sheriffs, District Attorneys, and many other very important positions that will have a direct impact on their everyday lives.

If #NeverTrump-ers stay home they will not only concede the White House to a Democrat, which they feel is no worse than if they voted for Trump, but they will also open the door for Democrats in races in which they would otherwise not be a factor.

Do you hate Common Core? Stay home and see what the Democrats who win the SBOE positions will install in your kids classroom. Want to see an end to sanctuary cities? That legislative initiative can’t seem to get through the Texas House even now with a 98-52 Republican advantage.

Just imagine how many more conservative reforms the House coalition of Democrats and liberal Republicans led by Speaker Joe Straus can kill when they have a few extra votes on their side.

In most places state legislatures debate whether to cut or raise taxes, not Texas, our lawmakers spent last session arguing passionately over which taxes to cut! This citizen-friendly mindset could come to a screeching halt and reverse course if conservatives do not show up and vote.

We as Americans focus too much on that fancy office 1,500 miles northeast of here, but we fail to see how those other contests below that race on the ballot affect everything we do. Directly. Immediately.

You can be #NeverTrump, it is your right and duty to vote your conscience, but never forget that there are real conservatives on the ballot who are ready to fight for you. They need you to show up in November.

Buddy Kipp

Buddy Kipp is the director of communications for Texas Scorecard. Buddy graduated from Concordia University Texas in 2012 with a BA in Communications specializing in Public Relations. Buddy is married with two sons.