The smuggler was turned over to the Texas Rangers for investigation and prosecution.

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Texas DPS has arrested a smuggler in possession of child pornography now as the invasion at our southern border continues. The Texas Department of Public Safety troopers in conjunction with the United States border patrol agents have arrested a human smuggler who was caught bringing four illegal aliens into Texas the Mexican national was also in possession of child pornography now, Christian but Drano Alana was caught bringing people across the river into the Rio Grande Valley, the pornographic images were allegedly found on his cell phone. Chris Russo, the president of Texas for strong borders said as most know by now, women and even young girls who are smuggled across our border are commonly sexually assaulted by men like Magento. Alana is Texas is putting border barriers to stop this type of stuff from happening. Biden and his admin are taking us to court to remove barriers like this you have to ask yourself why

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