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TXDOT’s Race To Waste

At the same time Texans are being told there’s no more money for road building, the Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) of the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) gave final authorization for $97 million of borrowed money going to an expensively ineffective streetcar project in El Paso. The funds, approved by the Texas Transportation Commission, are to […]

By |August 29, 2014
North Texas Toll Fight

Mayors of Plano, Allen, and Richardson recently spoke against their state and county elected officials as well as many of their constituents, lobbying the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) for the tolling of US Highway 75—the last untolled throughway of Collin County. At a Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) meeting yesterday, County Judge Keith Self and […]

By |August 28, 2014
Bipartisan Poison Pill

What do the House Republican leadership and the liberal Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor have in common? Both take positions opposite that of the Texas Republican Party platform regarding Obamacare. Late last week, State Sen. Leticia Van De Putte called for a “Texas Solution” to Medicaid expansion. This misleading phrase, “Texas Solution” has been a […]

By |August 25, 2014
Tone-deaf TxDOT

The Texas Department of Transportation is suffering from a lack of hearing—public hearings that is. As of this writing, the Texas Transportation Commission (TTC) has approved approximately $272 million dollars in transit projects that will be funded without holding a public hearing required by state law – and none of that money from the Texas […]

By |August 11, 2014
TXDOT’s driverless leadership

TXDOT continues to be the best parody of itself. At the last Texas Transportation Commission meeting, leaders of the agency planned to approve a multi-million dollar sum of taxpayer funds for hovercrafts, jet packs and driverless cars. We’ve reported before on TXDOT’s bad habit of duplicitous financial habits—approving major expenditures for questionable projects, and then […]

By |August 6, 2014
Netroots Education Panel: Kill School Choice

Five out of five progressive education activists at Netroots Nation agree: there cannot be choice or competition. Why? Their plans for the status quo in public schools are an integral part of implementing their progressive vision of “community schools;” the new one-stop-shop for completely unrestrained government growth and dependence. At a recent Netroots Nation panel […]

By |July 29, 2014
Far left’s utopian vision exposed at Netroots Nation

DETROIT — Panelists at the Netroots Nation conference described their allies as “communists” and “anarchists” while admitting that, as liberals, “we like taxing things.” One panelist said he likes reading obituaries because “there are a bunch of Fox News viewers who are no longer with us.” In a discussion entitled: “Reimagining the Possible: Long-Term, Structural […]

By |July 24, 2014
Dispatch from Detroit: Netroots Nation 2014

The nation’s largest annual gathering of liberal-progressive activists took place this past weekend in a paragon city of liberal “progress:” Detroit, Michigan. As an attendee of the Netroots Nation conference, I gained unscripted, unedited, and unpolished access to the agenda, tactics, and policy plans of the organized left. Keeping a low profile, I observed how […]

By |July 22, 2014