Holly Hansen

“Happy Meal” Economics

The Williamson County Commissioners Court is being urged to adopt the effective tax rate raise taxes in order to push through a pay raise for county employees. After looking at the proposed tax hike, one advocate said, “There it is, in black and white. 3.43 a month. Cheaper than one happy meal.”

Oh! Well, if you put it that way. Just a “happy meal,” okay, well, go ahead then.

If It Quacks Like a Duck

It seems the folks over at the new Williamson County Employee’s Association are very worried that we might think the WCEA is a union, and are adamantly protesting the reference on their blogsite. The WCEA claim is that since they can neither strike nor engage in collective bargaining, they are really just loveable, harmless, little fuzzballs.

Royger’s Fork

One of the most reviled characters in English history was John Morton, Lord Chancellor and chief tax collector to the Tudor king Henry VII. Morton was known for an infamous logical fallacy: if a subject lived extravagantly, he must have plenty of money to pay hefty taxes; likewise, if he lived frugally, he must have ample savings and thus could also give generously for the king’s coffers.