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Wallace Hall Speaks

A Travis County Grand Jury today announced it did not have sufficient evidence to indict UT Regent and whistleblower Wallace Hall on any charges regarding his investigations of clout abuse and malfeasance at the University of Texas. Following the announcement from the jury, Hall broke his silence saying, “The campaign by Speaker Straus, Representative Flynn […]

By |March 31, 2015
What Makes Smitherman Qualified to be AG?

Records and experience have become a major campaign theme this primary season. And with so many of the state’s top offices up for grabs, a candidate’s record and level of experience is truly where we must look. One race this theme has really played out in is the race to replace Greg Abbott as Texas’ […]

By |February 26, 2014
Branch Follows in Davis’ Missteps

The Right spends a lot of time calling out the Left on their cronyism—government contracts existing strictly for their own benefit, conflicts of interest, increased regulations protecting industry incumbents, etc—and rightly so. However, the exact same cronyism sometimes comes to light on our side, and unethical behavior on the Right needs just as bright a […]

By |February 21, 2014
Button Melts Down at Tea Party Forum

Is hijacking the stage after the closing of a candidate forum the type of conduct becoming of an elected state official? That’s a question voters in House District 112 need to ask themselves in regards to State Representative Angie Chen Button’s meltdown at the end of a forum hosted by the Richardson and Garland Tea […]

By |February 12, 2014
Worse than Wendy

Thanks to several media blitzes, Republican voters all over Texas—and honestly, all over America—are well aware of Democratic Senator turned Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, and everything she stands for. Whether it’s being unabashedly pro-abortion, or doubling and tripling down on “inconsistencies” in her supposed rags-to-riches life story, you can be sure Wendy is not standing […]

By |February 8, 2014
Smitherman Sidesteps the Straus Question

As we are all likely aware, there is a speaker’s race heating up as we approach the 84th Texas Legislative Session, so Texans have started to recount what exactly our current speaker has done while at the gavel. But even before Texans learned taxpayer champion Scott Turner would make a run for Speaker, current Speaker Joe […]

By |February 7, 2014