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Franchise Tax in Creighton's Crosshairs

State Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) presented his three bills to the Senate Finance Committee last week that aim to provide relief from the state’s franchise tax, also known as the gross margins tax. In his testimony, Creighton observed how the free economic conditions in Texas have surpassed those of other states like California and New York. […]

By |March 11, 2015
Bills Filed To Eliminate Taxes

Legislators have filed bills seeking to repeal a slurry of petty and outdated taxes. For many of these taxes, administrative costs currently exceed revenue collections gained, making them highly inefficient. Others exist merely as burdensome relics of failed governmental solutions. Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar has expressed his support for repeal efforts. “By repealing these outdated […]

By |March 4, 2015
The Limiting Metric

Analysts at the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) have compared Texas spending limit methods over recent biennia and found that application of the population-plus-inflation metric to each budget since 2006 results in a trend of relatively constant spending limits. The Legislative Budget Board’s recommendation, released this past December, was based on projected personal income growth. Personal income […]

By |February 25, 2015
Serve The People

Legislation filed by State Sen. Van Taylor of Plano is designed to discourage legislators from monetizing public service. Calling SB 555 the “Serve the People, Not the Lobby Act,” Taylor’s legislation would prohibit a registered lobbyist from being eligible to be a candidate for elective office. The bill also works to prohibit an elected official […]

By |February 15, 2015
The Basic Mechanics of Tax Relief

The Senate base budget plan has received much attention since it was released on January 25, 2015, primarily for its provisions for $4 billion in tax relief for property and business owners. Conservatives have applauded this measure, while moderates have decried it as a lost opportunity to expand future debt spending. Tax relief is a […]

By |February 14, 2015
Policy Summit Highlights Moderates' Priorities

The Conservative Roundtable of Texas held a Policy Summit in the Capitol on Tuesday afternoon, at which select legislators discussed their respective outlooks on budget, education, and transportation issues for the session. The Conservative Roundtable, which has historically distributed fiscal responsibility endorsements like participation awards to unworthy legislators, featured Republican legislators hardly known for fiscal […]

By |January 30, 2015
Confirmed: Margin Tax Drags Down Texas

The Tax Foundation released a report today that analyzed the Texas Margin Tax and confirmed its insidious consequences for Texas’ business environment. The margin tax was created in 2006 as an attempt to haul in extra revenue for school financing after the statewide property tax had been ruled unconstitutional in 2005. The margin tax expanded […]

By |January 14, 2015
A Glimpse at Patrick's Session Priorities

At a press conference in the Texas Capitol, Lieutenant Governor-elect Dan Patrick delineated major items on his legislative agenda for the 84th session. Naturally, news outlets across the state bewailed the conservatism of Patrick’s checklist, suggesting recklessness and corrupt intentions. Despite the knee-jerk responses, however, it’s worth looking at a few of Patrick’s recommendations and why […]

By |January 14, 2015