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Straus a conservative compared to the Senate?

Speaking to students and administrators at the University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Politics Speakers Series, House Speaker Joe Straus essentially answered back this week’s calls in the press from Senator Ogden for some type of fast-fix of the business tax to bring in more money for them to spend.

By |April 6, 2011
Texas Constitution: Beware the rewriters

The Austin-American Statesman reports that during the budget debate, State Rep. Mark Strama, rabid liberal Democrat of Austin, said “the two-year budget is a vestige of bygone days when members traveled to Austin by horse and is no longer feasible.”

By |April 4, 2011
Sales tax doesn't need Harper-Brown's changes

I’m a happy customer of Amazon.com and I don’t like having to pay sales taxes on purchases made anywhere. But the idea, put forth state rep. Linda Harper-Brown, that Texas sales tax law should be changed to benefit them is ridiculous.

By |March 10, 2011
Leave Payday Loans Alone

Too often ideas for government action are pushed with the excuse that the poor dumb citizens who built this country are in need of protection from their own stupidity.

By |February 23, 2011
Duncan on statewide school property tax

On yesterday’s Pratt on Texas, Senate State Affairs chairman Robert Duncan, SD28, explained his position on a statewide, as opposed to the existing local, property tax for public education funding.

The total interview is about 10 minutes long.

By |February 17, 2011