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Running to Government brings less Liberty

This past weekend the Associated Press reported that the “father of a Texas A&M junior who died of bacterial meningitis says he plans to push the Legislature to require that all students at Texas universities be vaccinated against the fast-moving infection.”

By |February 14, 2011
Rep. Smith again mucking up Voter ID?

If there is anything the DC debate on the ill-named DREAM Act has taught us in Texas, it’s that our public universities are filled with those who are residing in the country illegally and, despite that fact, are politically active.

By |December 20, 2010
Higher Ed. budget cuts, don't shed too many tears

“Institutions of higher education, like other state agencies, are looking for already lean budget areas they can take a knife to – a second time. They are charged by the state’s leadership with identifying an additional 2.5 percent in cuts in state General Revenue funding from their Fiscal Year 2011 budgets.

By |December 17, 2010