I believe I was among the first to notice a specific War on Texas, as I termed it, from the Obama Administration. Just after the Leftist ideologue took office, various Federal regulatory agencies began to descend upon Texas. At first these raids on Texas only made local headlines but by the summer of last year we learned much more.

We learned that President Obama ordered OSHA agents from other states to Texas to make sweeps through our businesses. Crane collapses were among the public excuses if my memory serves me well. Then with the fantasy of a multitude of licensed Texas firearms dealers providing weapons to Mexico in a wholesale fashion, Obama sent extra BATF&E agents to Texas to harass lawful gun shop owners.

These and other items happening last year lead me to term it a War on Texas. Since then we’ve seen a purposeful dismantling of NASA programs based at Johnson Space Center; refusal to give meaningful assistance on the border, and; a host of other stick in the eye matters.

Now, Obama’s administration is working to actually ruin Texas by a direct attack upon its economic well-being. I told listeners on Tuesday of the move by Obama’s EPA to take over the issuance of an operating permit for a Corpus Christi refinery, reversing a Texas decision. The Feds also threaten to step in at some 39 other major facilities across the state. Even the EPA regional director calls the move “unprecedented”.

One Texas industry group leader rightly said: “We are incredulous that EPA would encroach on a state regulatory program that has a proven track record of success.”

The War on Texas escalates.

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