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An abdication of fiscal restraint: Rainy day roads

Texas Politics reported this week that members of the “Senate Finance Committee meeting in Austin Wednesday were generally supportive of a plan to direct money from oil production tax revenues to road rehab and construction.” The committee did not approve the plan by Sens. Tommy Williams and Robert Nichols but most “generally spoke in favor […]

By |June 13, 2013
Campus Carry needs your push now!

Texans finally achieved a House of Representatives floor vote on campus carry Saturday and it passed! You can see Rep. Allen Fletcher’s HB 972 and amendments here. Now to trouble in the state senate; Senator Whitmire (D-Houston), a past strong supporter of campus carry, announced that he will not let campus carry have a vote […]

By |May 6, 2013
Texas Senate cowardly on term limits bill

The Texas Senate passed, in a 27 to 4 vote, a term limits proposal that if passed by the House would go to a public Constitutional Amendment vote. Senator Kevin Eltife of Tyler defended criticism of his bill by saying “his bill doesn’t leave it to the Legislature to decide, but presents the opportunity for […]

By |March 20, 2013
Hilderbran goes soft on tax reform

TX Budget Compact I was saddened to see Rep. Harvey Hilderbran go soft on phasing out the state’s horrible business tax known as the margins-tax. Hilderbran, who is chairman of the House Ways & Means committee, appeared on Pratt on Texas at the start of the 83rd Session and was quite hot on the idea […]

By |March 12, 2013
Water: Conservation should be separate from infrastructure finance policy

A state plan to help with local financing of water systems and resource development is something I support but, the water plan talk seems often to be purposely conflated with various forced conservation elements. Resource development and financing are endeavors very different from policy which restricts the use of private or publicly-held property. Last week […]

By |March 6, 2013
Dewhurst's praise of less debate troubling

The Texas Leadership Award from the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life was recently given to Joe Straus, Speaker of the Texas House. At the award event on Tuesday, Gov. Rick Perry said: “I look forward to many years of your leadership, in the Legislature and beyond.” Let’s just hope that such talk was only […]

By |February 28, 2013
Texas cities don't need another tax channel

Robert Duncan, chairman of the Senate’s State Affairs committee, told the Lubbock newspaper: “I think the momentum in the Legislature is more to cut taxes and hold the line rather than have new taxes, even on the local level.” He was talking about a project of big-spending civic-cheerleaders in Lubbock to cajole the legislature into […]

By |February 26, 2013
“No” to new school security taxing districts

“Three Houston-area lawmakers want to allow voters to set up special taxing districts to pay for enhanced security at Texas public schools,” AP reported earlier this week. “The plan broadly outlined Tuesday allows voters in each district to decide if they want to create new taxes to pay for security from cameras to armed guards. […]

By |January 23, 2013