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Rep. Villalba the Official 1st RINO of the 83rd Texas Legislature

We have the first raising of the white flag by a RINO in the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature. The dubious honor goes to: newly elected, Kay Bailey Hutchison-crowd-backed, state rep from Dallas, Jason Villalba. Villalba, when not raising the RINO flag of surrender to the hard-left, works for the  Dallas-based international law firm […]

By |January 16, 2013
Why does Senator Carona pretend to be a Republican?

I’ve told my audience, in legislative session after session, what disdain the wealthy Dallas state senator John Carona has for conservatives and his fellow Republicans who reject his big-government version of Republicanism. Now we can add traditional Judeo-Christian tenets to the list of things Senator Carona had no respect for as the Dallas Voice, a […]

By |October 23, 2012
A real test for Straus & conservative backers in the House

Earlier this week, Gov. Rick Perry renewed his call for a stricter Constitutional spending limit for Texas’ state budget ahead of the upcoming legislative session. Joined by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst , Governor Perry said: “Government growth, if any, should be kept to the bare minimum and should be limited by constitutional amendment to the […]

By |September 28, 2012
Catering to the Texas welfare-class, will legislators act?

“Mobile grocers cashing in with food stamp users” read the headline in the Houston Chronicle. The story was about how much business is booming for mobile grocery businesses in Texas’ largest city. “Why is business booming? The Lone Star Card, the food stamp-enabled debit card that has soared in use over the past two years, […]

By |August 8, 2012
Why Greg Parker isn’t ready for prime-time, or the Railroad Commission

Greg Parker is a man I’ve heard good things about and he’s in the Republican runoff for the unexpired term on the Texas Railroad Commission versus commission chairman Barry Smitherman. But unlike Smitherman who has appeared on Pratt on Texas several times by seeking us out, we’ve never had any communication from Mr. Parker. On […]

By |July 16, 2012
Martinez Fischer, Holder, Teen a sick lot on Voter ID

My guess is still that the Texas Voter ID issue will not be settled until appeals are played out but, the trial in DC has been interesting. First, the ultra-liberal Democrat state rep. who chairs one of the Texas House’ hyphenated caucuses, Trey Martinez Fischer of San Antonio, was caught in a whopper typical of […]

By |July 12, 2012