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Doctors for Tobacco

Don’t be surprised if your doctor starts prescribing tobacco products. Should State Rep. Warren Chisum of Pampa have his way, doctors will soon have a direct financial incentive to get everyone dippin’ and chewin’. Chisum is, of course, a low-tax Republican who believes in the free market.

By |April 10, 2009

The free money now flowing from your great-grand-children’s credit cards into the coffers of state government will cost the state 131,400 jobs — or so says a report issued yesterday by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Experience shows increased government spending reduces private sector output.

By |April 7, 2009
More Education Waste

Some west Texas kids are getting snowmobile trips, vacations to Hawaii, California, LA and elsewhere — all courtesy of the schopol district. Actually, thanks to the state’s Robin Hood funding scheme, courtesy of taxpayers elsewhere in the state.

By |March 18, 2009
Plano Cheating Kids

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. That’s the educational philosophy in Plano where the school district is looking to implement rules letting kids cheat on papers and turn in homework whenever they like.

By |March 13, 2009
A Billion-Dollar TXDOT Flop?

In their rush to spend more money, the Texas Department of Transportation may have ended up losing out on a $1 billion in federal money. I hate the porkulus bill, and think TXDOT is out of control. Hard to know who to cheer for in this match.

By |March 5, 2009
Carona's Tax Hikes

A staggering economy, jobs disappearing and businesses failing. So what’s State Sen. John Carona’s solution? Tax hikes and tax increases. Way to go, John Carona… Is he really a Republican?

By |February 12, 2009
Environmental Nonsense

As the economy slows, the Dallas Morning News wants Texas to implement the same environmental regimen that has been killing jobs all around the nation. Their headline says it all, “Lawmakers need an environmental stick.” The DMN needs that stick applied to their head. Such regulation — the sticks — is all too often about shutting down business, not improving public safety, in the name of the environmental religion.

By |January 22, 2009
Raise Those Gas Taxes

Just what we need: higher taxes. But that’s what the El Paso Times wants, er, um, that’s what they say an Oil Paso oil man wants. Not the newspaper, no sir. The editorial board is just wants everyone to “stop and think” about the silly proposals of Western Refining CEO Paul Foster.

By |January 5, 2009