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More Charters!

Texas Tribune is reporting that the education commissioner has found a way to increase the number of charter schools. That’s great news for kids, even if the teacher unions and state Democratic party are up in arms.

By |November 12, 2009
An 8% Victory

Only 8% of the state’s 12.9 million registered voters took part in the constitutional ballot election. That’s not a healthy sign, given how important those amendments are. It’s shocking that 92% of the registered voters didn’t have an opinion on property tax reform, eminent domain abuse or new funding schemes for public universities.

By |November 4, 2009
Wentworth's Award for Appropriating

It is one thing for legislators to get an award they’ve earned — such as the Taxpayer Champion and Advocate Awards we present to those working to protect our economy. But it’s more than a little unseemly when a group created, and funded, by government is handing out awards to a legislator who seemed to buy the honors with our money.

By |October 27, 2009
An Agency Out Of Control

It’s hard to believe just how out-of-control the federal “International Boundary and Water Commission” is, if whistle-blower accounts and media reports are to believed. It’s apparent the commission had very little oversight and too much power.

By |October 2, 2009

If you wonder if your new dentist is a quack, don’t count on information from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners to know. Which begs the question: if government can’t handle the portions of health care it already oversees, why do we want them to do more.

By |August 6, 2009
Lobby Pay Day

What does it cost to get legislators to betray their taxpayers and hike taxes in an economic downturn? Just ask the lobbyists at HillCo, who seem to have made about $17,800 per legislator voting against Texans.

By |May 28, 2009
Defining Tax Irony

Leading the push for higher gas taxes is State Rep. Vicki Truitt (R-Southlake). Last fall she wrote her constituents decrying "electricity rates and high fuel prices. (We are all feeling the pinch.) … my office is already working on legislation to introduce, which could improve the situation for consumers."

By |May 20, 2009
More Education Mandates: Dems Plus RINOs Merritt & Smith

For all the whining Democrats do about unfunded mandates on public education, they sure don’t mind implementing them. The Texas House voted last night on legislation mandating that every public and private high school principle designate four people as deputy voter registrars. Every Republican, except RINOs Todd Smith and Tommy Merritt, voted against this mandate. Every Democrat, except Tracy King, voted for it.

By |May 12, 2009