America the Exceptional
America the Exceptional

The left wants to destroy America by convincing us we’re common. We’re not. And we never have been.

A Lasting Impact
A Lasting Impact

Culture pushes us to rate our value by the number of likes and retweets we get from our most recent hot-take. We hope that by “going viral” we will be remembered. It’s not real.

Overturning Tables
Overturning Tables

The fake Jesus of the modern age is a virtue-signaling tool of the elite, urging obedience to the whims of the self-anointed intelligentsia. The real Jesus drove them out with a whip.

No Greater Love …
No Greater Love …

We have allowed Memorial Day to devolve into a long weekend of mattress sales and cook-outs.


Slaying Giants

But be sure we’re fighting the fights to which God has called us, not simply those that are politically expedite or feel good in the moment.

Joy For The World

The birth in Bethlehem only makes sense within the context of the cross at Calvary.

Make It Professional

Despite their protests to the contrary, politicians like for politics to be intensely personal.

Cleaning Up

If we want to clean up government, it has to start with a cleansing revival of the people.

Texas’ Real Leaders

Leaders aren’t those who hog the spotlight or hold office, but the citizens who selflessly jump into the fight.

Giving Thanks for Liberty

The very first days of the American experience demonstrated what world history repeatedly proves: socialism fails, and fails miserably.


Suzanne Blackstone: “Golden” Example of Leadership

Ray Myers: Conservative Cannonball

“The first fight I ever got into was when someone told me I was voting for Stevenson,” says Ray Myers, a highly engaged conservative activist. “‘I like Ike!’ I responded – and the fight was on!”