Burrows Resigns as House Republican Caucus Chairman

On the heels of one of the state’s most high-stakes controversies in years, one of the participants in a corrupt and unethical meeting has allegedly resigned his chairmanship atop the House GOP Caucus.


Governor’s budget proposals will promote accountability, transparency

AUSTIN, Texas – Gov. Rick Perry today proposed four key budget reforms designed to promote fiscal responsibility.

Michael Quinn Sullivan, president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, praised the proposals, saying they shine more sunlight on the state’s finances.

“These proposals set the tone for good budget policy and sound government. They promote higher levels of accountability and transparency,” said Sullivan. “Texas’ hard-working families deserve honest bookkeeping from the state legislature. Since we foot the bill, taxpayers should be allowed to review all the expenses to know our money is being spent wisely.”

Who in Austin is Concerned About Taxpayers? Who Won’t Mention Them?

A central purmilkedpose of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is to give taxpayers a voice in Austin in the face of the powerful forces that lobby for more spending. Is there a way to determine whether fiscally conservative organizations or groups that advocate more government have greater concern for taxpayers?

You Can Vote Today to Return the Surplus

In a matter of mohbjnths, your legislator will hopefully, after hearing from you, vote to return the surplus to taxpayers. However, you can vote today in an online poll sponsored by the Houston Business Journal which asks respondents how the Texas surplus should be allocated.

Taxpayers urged to contact lawmakers

AUSTIN, Texas – More than 29,000 households in eight senatorial districts are receiving mail about the importance returning Texas’ record budget surplus to taxpayers. The president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility said taxpayers deserve to see further tax relief at the top of the Legislature’s priorities.

“There are many in Austin arguing that programs, agencies and bureaucracies ‘deserve’ those funds first, with taxpayers lucky to get any leftovers,” said Michael Quinn Sullivan. “Too often the voices of hard-working Texans are drowned out by the shrill demands of special interests seeking more from the taxpayers’ wallet.”

Rep. Hughes Files Bill to Shine the Light on State Agency Expenditures

Today, State Rep. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) filed House Bill 640 to require all state agencies to post a list of their expenditures online. The bill states:

hughesEach state agency that maintains a generally accessible Internet site or for which a generally accessible Internet site is maintained shall post on the site all expenditures made by the agency. The posting must include the purpose for which each expenditure is made.

We applaud Rep. Hughes for filing this legislation, which was also part of Governor Rick Perry’s budget reform proposal. It is also important that each agency categorize and post expenditures in one, easy-to-understand format. Comptroller Susan Combs has expressed interest in working with the various state agencies to bring about a day when all agencies use the same codes to classify expenditures. This will foster efficiencies in administering and auditing programs that involve multiple state agencies.

It Stinks for Texans Sued by Their Appraisal District for Contesting Their Appraisals

The Houston Cwharton countyhronicle has a disturbing piece about some Wharton County property taxpayers who find themselves as defendants in a lawsuit filed by their appraisal district after they successfully obtained reductions from the Appraisal Review Board (ARB). The chief of their appraisal district disagrees with the reductions made by the very people she appointed to the ARB so now she is hauling these taxpayers into district court, forcing them to incur legal fees in the process.

Governor Perry declares emergency on tax relief

 AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Governor Rick Perry today issued an emergency declaration on the issue of tax relief.  

The president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Michael Quinn Sullivan, said lawmakers should view tax relief as their highest priority this session. 

Conservative Leaders: Return the Surplus!

Conservative Leaders: Return the Surplus!

Leaders of seven conservative organizations today called on legislators to "return the certified surplus to Texas taxpayers."

Earlier this week the state's new Comptroller, Susan Combs, certified for legislative use a $14.3 billion surplus.

Signing the letters are the heads of: Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Conservative Coaltion Research Institute, Texas Public Policy Foundation, National Federation of Independent Business, Free Market Foundation, Americans for Prosperity — Texas, and the Young Conservatives of Texas.