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11/29/23 Kyle Rittenhouse Fights the Media

11/29/23 Kyle Rittenhouse Fights the Media

https://youtu.be/81jEpVJGZTg   - Kyle Rittenhouse discusses his new book Acquitted - Sen. John Cornyn doubles down on his support for gun control - Ted Cruz is endorsing against anti-school choice Republicans in the Texas House

10/24/23 The 14 Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot
10/24/23 The 14 Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot

In this special edition, we explain the constitutional amendment proposals Texans will find on their ballot, and what grassroots organizations are saying about them.
Check out our roundup of analysis and recommendations here: https://texasscorecard.com/state/november-ballot-voting-recommendations-round-up/

10/23/23 RECORD-BREAKING Illegal Border Crossings
10/23/23 RECORD-BREAKING Illegal Border Crossings

-Border Patrol reports a record number of encounters with illegal border crossers
-House’s weakened school choice proposal is drawing criticism
-Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson started Republican Mayors Association


Don’t Ask Questions

-Speaker Dade Phelan bans lawmaker from asking questions.
-House Chairman wants to apologize for Paxton impeachment.
-Bonds and debt on the November ballot.

Dade Phelan Defends Democrats

-Texas Speaker Dade Phelan defends placing Democrats in leadership positions.
-Lawmaker files resolution for House to officially apologize to Attorney General Ken Paxton for impeachment.
-Greg Abbott appoints a Democrat to serve as DA.

The Texas House is Doing Nothing

-While the Senate moves quickly on special session items, the Texas House is stagnant.
-Will Hurd drops out of presidential race, endorses Nikki Haley.
-Mexican president attacks Texas for additional truck inspections.

Dan Patrick Says Dade Phelan Should RESIGN

-Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick takes his criticism of Speaker Dade Phelan to a new level as the third special session begins.
-Attorney General Ken Paxton files criminal complaints against House members who doxxed him
-Constitutional amendment election is on the horizon.


Harris County Election Failure

Harris County Election Failure

Jane Nelson and the secretary of state’s office is under fire this week from Harris County Judge candidate Alex Mealer and many local Republicans who are furious that the county’s election audit is not taking place.

Speaker Dade Phelan CENSURED

Former Orange County GOP Chairman David Covey explains why Republicans in Speaker Dade Phelan’s district are...

Marxist Professor Out At A&M

Marxist Professor Out At A&M

Phelan is mad that Republicans don’t like him and marxists are worried about the lack of tenure being handed out at Texas A&M. 

The Battle for Medical Liberty

The Battle for Medical Liberty

There is a huge battle going on for the freedoms of Texans to decide whether they have to revive a vaccine, or whether they even get to have a doctor who thinks freely. Today, we interview Michelle Evans with Texans for Vaccine Choice.