U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is calling for President Joe Biden’s impeachment, prosecution, and imprisonment due to findings in recently released federal documents detailing an alleged scandal between Biden and a Ukrainian businessman.

Yesterday, we asked readers if they agreed with the senator

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Here is a sample of the comments we received from our readers after they voted in the survey.

“If extortion isn’t a ‘high crime or misdemeanor,’ I’m not sure what is. Nixon was sent packing for far less.” – Thomas Camardo
“I believe he should be impeached; however, I am not sure Kamala Harris would be any better.” – Debra Davis
“An inconceivable yet near-perfect dichotomy is President (choke) Joe Biden averting evidence of malfeasance while President Donald Trump is being crushed by none. Sadly, if history is a guide the appearance of tit-for-tat will ultimately sway Republicans, ‘for the good of the country,’ to not pursue justice.” – Jack Boteler
“The Constitution clearly lists the reasons for impeachment. How many reasons do we have to have to impeach the man?” – Eleanor Edmondson
“I’m not quite sure why the elected officials have a different justice system than the American people. Our rules apparently don’t apply to them.” – Tori Kirkpatrick
“Joe Biden should be impeached, prosecuted, and sent to prison for selling his office and influence to foreign governments as is clearly evidenced in the many examples from the Hunter Biden Laptop.” – Gail Hanna
“Not only should Biden be impeached, prosecuted, and imprisoned but so should Mayorkas, Wray, and Garland. They are all fully aware and participating in illegal activities to the detriment of the U.S.” – Sam Sorrell
“Biden’s impeachment is LONG overdue.  His lies and bribery of foreign officials are just the tip of the iceberg.  The Biden crime family has been impervious to any punishment thus far due to the weaponization of the DOJ that began under Obama.  And if the DOJ does not enforce the law, then which government agency will?” – Dana Krasinski
“While I understand that this procedure must be given a good amount of discussion before being enacted against the sitting president,  it appears based upon the evidence that has already been discovered,  Biden has truly sold out the United States for his own personal gain. And after he is impeached,  he should be thrown in jail for his illegal actions!” – Debbie Hills
“I voted NO on impeachment for the simple fact that Kamala Harris would be the likely replacement and I don’t think the USA with her on the world stage would be furthering our decline.” – A. Morgan Franklin
“I find it disgraceful that more Republicans, especially in Texas, are not calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden. Once again where is Senator John Cornyn? He’s the Mitt Romney of Texas.” – Landon Capozzi
“Even the Democrats have said time and time again, ‘No one is above the law.’ It’s time they follow their own narrative. Liberal media have asked, ‘Where’s the proof?’ Even Biden has asked, ‘Where’s the money?’ With subpoena power, they can find it and expose it.” – Steve Sullivan
“While it is imperative that Joe Biden be removed from office, I almost voted no. Reason: to impeach Biden is to admit he is the true president. He should be removed as an illegitimate president.” – Dianna Allen 
“Cruz is political grandstanding. Biden deserves impeachment, prosecution, and imprisonment but then Harris would be President. Impeachment has no chance of passing the Senate and prosecution would never happen with the current justice department. Spend the time trying to undo some of the damage Biden has caused the country.” – Bob Hooton
“He has displayed unacceptable behavior since before his term started.” – Sharon Buckwalter
“The impeachment process has become a distraction instead of a deterrent.  Instead of spending time impeaching the president during the last year of his tenure, let’s fix the more important problems of border security, combatting child sex trafficking, and turning the economy around.  JB will be removed from office faster by defeating him at the polls than putting the country through yet another futile exercise in whining and finger-pointing.” – Arthur Potter
“I selected yes only because ‘hell yes it’s about danged time’ wasn’t an option. Unfortunately, though, I’ll only believe it when I see it happen. Probably have to impeach Garland first.” – Cindy Armstrong
“Of course, Biden ‘should’ be impeached along with most of his cabinet appointees.  However, he/they would NEVER be convicted by the Democrat Senate, so this is a total waste of valuable legislative hours to get something actually passed.” – Rowland Greenwade
“This ENTIRE administration needs to be Impeached.” – Tom Gavin
“It is past time for all elected officials, Democrat or Republican or Independent, to be held accountable for their actions. The multi-tiered justice system must be eliminated or our Republic cannot endure.” – Duaine Goulding
“I agree 100% that Joe Biden should be impeached and jailed for Treason!  I am getting so tired of hearing facts of so many illegal and treasonous things this man has committed.  When will we finally stand up and say, ‘Enough!’?” – Bernadine Pearce
“Joe Biden can’t be impeached and removed from office because that would leave a mentally incapable Kamala Harris as President. Joe needs to be gone but because of his choice of VP, he becomes the best of two evils.” – Jack Morrison
“The House should do its duty regardless of what the Senate may or may not do!” – Earl Carter
“If these allegations had come out against a Republican, I.e. Trump, the impeachment process would already be underway. Incarcerate the crook.” – Garry Ludwig 

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