Over the Memorial Day weekend 38-year-old Houston policeman, Kevin Will, was run over and killed while on duty manning a barricade.

Fox Houston reports that police say the driver who killed Kevin Will “was drunk when he drove his car into a road block Sunday morning…” The driver has “since been charged with intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer, felony evading, and possession of a controlled substance. Police say he had .3 grams of cocaine in his pocket along with an alcohol level of .238…”

As bad as it already stood, we learned at a court hearing late Sunday night that the driver was in the country illegally. “A judge refused to give the suspect any kind of bond, and his first court date was set for Wednesday,” Fox Houston reported.

Friends, it was a widow of another Houston policeman killed in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant who stood before House and Senate committees explaining the cost of so-called Sanctuary City policies, whether formal municipal policy or less formal commands handed down by police chiefs.

Texas Democrats used all they had to kill the Sanctuary Cities bill. Democrats lied repeatedly to their constituents and to the press, which by the way happily went along, about what the bill actually does. And now millions of Texans believe the lie.

This matter is likely to be brought up in a called special legislative session later this summer. Will Texas Democrats continue to spread their lies about what the Sanctuary Cities bill does? Or, will they back down now that yet another Houston police officer has lost his life?

Sadly my guess is that most Texas Democrat Legislators will again side with building their own political power achieved through blatant demagoguery.

[See Sanctuary Cities bill: Truth Please.]

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