WEST UNIVERSITY PLACE, Texas—Susanna Dokupil is giving Texas’ most liberal Republican legislator—openly pro-abortion State Rep. Sarah Davis (R-West University)—a serious challenge as her campaign racks up doors and dollars.
Dokupil, a conservative lawyer who has held positions such as Assistant Solicitor General, Special Counsel for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, and Vice Chair for the Harris County Republican Party, is considered the most serious challenger that Davis has had in her tenure in the Texas legislature.
Davis’ record as a legislator isn’t just out of touch with Texas voters on the issue of life, but also on fiscal issues. Indeed, Davis’ record consists of endless votes to increase spending and taxation, add regulation, oppose educational freedom, and all in all grow the size and scope of government. That record, which resulted in her earning a lower rating on the Fiscal Responsibility Index than two Democrats, is giving the Dokupil campaign plenty of fodder to run on.
“No doubt, Dokupil and activists across HD 134 are making sure that voters are aware of Davis’ abysmal record on all conservative issues,” one citizen activist and constituent of Davis told Texas Scorecard..
Since entering the race earlier this fall, Dokupil’s campaign has shown its credibility by keeping pace with the liberal incumbent’s fundraising as well as hitting over 13,000 doors across the district.
According to campaign finance reports posted on the Texas Ethics Commission website, Dokupil’s campaign raised over $145,000 in the less than two-month period before filing her report. In comparison, her 4-term incumbent opponent, who is very popular among establishment and leftist donors, raised only $158,000 over a 6 month period.
Dokupil was also the first challenger endorsed by Gov. Greg Abbott and has also earned the endorsements of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Right to Life, and countless other conservative organizations and elected officials. Dokupil has also earned the endorsements of national conservative leaders including US Sens Tom Cotton (R—AR) and Mike Lee (R—UT).
Most importantly to her success, Dokupil has amassed a groundswell of support from inside her district. Republican precinct and Senate District chairs have lined up to support her and  her inaugural campaign block walk included more than sixty volunteers.
“I am deeply humbled and honored to receive so much support from voters across the district,” said Dokupil. “If we stay on the path we are on, I am confident we will see success in our near future.”
The leading Democrat candidate running in the Republican-leaning district has only raised $17,000 and appears to have stopped campaigning. That factor, along with 2018 being a midterm election, means that the Republican Primary will very likely decide who will represent House District 134 when the Texas Legislature reconvenes in 2019.
This article is part of Texas Scorecard’s “On the Trail Tour” series. To view more field reports on campaigns across the state of Texas, visit our website here.
Cary Cheshire contributed to this report.

Zach Maxwell

Zach Maxwell is a contributor to Texas Scorecard and leads the Texas Torchbearers. Raised in Cisco, he has worked in various positions in the legislature and on campaigns.


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