image: Steve Massengale

Steve Massengale (courtesy KFYO)

Steve Massengale is the civic cheerleader candidate for Texas House District 83. He’s challenging conservative standout, and appropriations committee member, Charles Perry in the Republican Primary. Massengale has little history being a Republican and zero history as a conservative.

He’s launched his campaign for the House by dissembling in a manner that should cause responsible citizens to turn their backs on anything else he says. The untruth? He told KFYO’s Chad Hasty that Representative Perry cut about five billion from the public education budget.

Massengale has no problem spinning the lie that the Legislature cut five billion from public schools when the great recession hit Texas. So, given that the state didn’t have the income to spend that five billion that he wrongly calls a cut, the only other alternative would have been to pass a substantial tax increase on Texans during the deep recession. See? Massengale doesn’t hold Republican values that when times are tough government should cutback just as do taxpayers; instead he supports the idea that governments are entitled to spend more and more even when taxpayers are taking a hit. He’s not a Republican; he’s a big government Democrat.

It is strong language to call someone a liar but, Massengale and a host of others are lying about that 2011 education budget. Only in DC-terms is a cutback of a planned increase in spending a cut. The actual public-education budget passed in 2011 was actually a bit larger than that in the previous biennium. That is an inarguable fact of math – to call it a five billion cut is a lie.

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