At political blog, the following was posted about the 83rd Legislature:

“State legislators are making the rounds touting the bills they passed. We wonder when we’re going to get less, not more. Instead of more laws how about fewer? An agenda of repeal would be nice. The newly remodeled Texas Water Development Board is an example of going from bad to worse.

“Texas government has traditionally been run by citizen volunteers on boards and commissions. Former Governor George W. Bush travelled across the country touting the efficiency and quality of Texas’ citizen run government. Our “conservative” legislature took great strides this year towards governance by paid bureaucracy. Bad public policy leading to worse government,” the post read.

On this, in general and specifically with the water board, I agree completely. Turning a large state planning committee of citizens into a set of three highly paid government insider bureaucrats is hardly wise policy and it is most certainly not conservative in any way.

And the point about new laws versus fewer is the question I’ve already raised about many elected officials believing that simply opposing tax increases is all it means to be a conservative. That’s why I’m so incensed at many who promised to be small-government conservatives when they ran for office but, in Austin, didn’t lift a finger to actually roll-back the ever-growing behemoth of state government.

Do us all a favor and make primaries cheaper. If you won’t actually work for less government then don’t run in the GOP primary. File as an independent or as a Democrat and save your lies for the general elections.

Pratt on Texas

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