Editors Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the Princeton ISD School Board saw no issues with the event. During the June 19 board meeting, some members in fact objected to holding the event, but their policy was not changed in time. 

As adults continue using the month of June to advance the LGBT agenda, the Princeton ISD is showing support by hosting an event targeting children at one of their high schools.

Princeton Texas Diverse promoted the event, which will take place on June 24, on social media. Although Princeton ISD will be hosting the event and Princeton High School’s Gay Straight Alliance club is listed as a vendor, PTX Diverse made it clear they were not affiliated with PISD in any way.

PISD reviewed their facility usage policy ahead of the drag show and “Pride Fest” during a board meeting on June 19.

PTX Diverse announced its lineup for the drag show over a month ago. The crossdressing performers include men going by the stage names Leche Diamante, Carmella Dubuque, Veronica Reyes, Dahlia Vonhexx Savage, and emcee Carrie Bjork.

Carmella wears form-fitting dresses that are often low-cut to show off fake breasts drawn on with makeup or semi-transparent with patterns to emphasize certain parts of his body.

Dahlia Vonhexx, who chose his stage name based on another term for a witch’s curse, also wears dresses that resemble nudity.

During Miss Gay Texas 2022, Vonhexx’s signature style was a sheer dress revealing almost the entirety of his fake breasts, just barely covering his areolas. He also took part in a sexually charged “Valen-Tease” performance, where he dressed in women’s lingerie.

On Leche’s YouTube account, the transvestite posted a video of himself twerking and shaking his buttocks as his shorts fall down past his hips.

One of the speakers featured at the event is Pearl Lewis. Lewis’ Twitter bio reads: “Leadership Coach. Pearl coaches her clients through the transformative life-changing process of healing their mind, body, and soul one goal at a time.”

Lewis also posted her distaste toward Target for removing their children’s “Pride” clothing display.

“If a store like Target is afraid to show their Pride for one month due to safety concerns. Imagine what an LGBTQ person goes through every day of their life. Pride matters. Representation matters,” Lewis had posted.

In preparation for the event, members of the Queer Youth of Princeton (also listed as a vendor for the event) made several signs for others to carry during their planned march around the high school on the same day as the “Pride” event.

Some of the signs the children created read:

  • “Shhh, nobody knows I’m gay.”
  • “Being gay is like glitter; it never goes away.”
  • “The Gay Agenda: Mon. be gay, Tues. tacos, Wed. be gay, Thur. super gay, Fri. Fri-gay, Sat. march for our rights, Sun. gay brunch.”
  • “Blessed be the fruits.”
  • “Guys, I said I hate ‘FIGS.’” (Includes an illustration of Jesus facepalming.)
  • “If God hate gays, why are we so cute?”
  • “Get in loser, we’re going to be gay.” (Includes an image of a UFO.)
  • “Love is love, support it.”
  • “Oh deer, I’m queer.”
  • “Imagine being straight. Couldn’t be me. (Literally)”

This is not the first LGBT event hosted by PTX Diverse.

Earlier this year, PTX Diverse put on a hyper-sexual drag bingo targeting children.

The event’s host, a man dressed in a red leotard, acknowledged the children in the crowd before giving a sexually explicit toast: “Cheers to you, cheers to me. Cheers to those who lick us where we pee.”

And, despite the new law to prevent sexually charged drag shows from allowing children in the audience, PTX Diverse has already admitted that they plan to continue hosting drag shows targeting children.

As of publication, PTX Diverse did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s request for comment.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.