Earlier this month, Turning Point USA’s University of Texas at Arlington chapter hosted an event featuring Jeff Younger as the guest speaker. TPUSA received backlash leading up to the event and is still being attacked by Democrat activists and left-leaning UTA officials.

Younger’s lecture was a discussion about the ramifications and disturbing nature of child gender mutilation.

The Speaker

Jeff Younger is known nationally as the father who refused to cooperate with his ex-wife’s decision to “transition” his young son, James Younger, from male to female. James’ mother informed the little boy that he was a girl and began treating him and dressing him like a girl whenever he was in her custody.

Younger said his son showed no signs of gender dysmorphia when they were together, adding that James enjoyed dressing like a boy and participating in boyish activities. But for years, James’ mother has been enforcing the idea in the little boy’s head that he is a girl, not a boy.

Throughout Younger’s attempts to fight for his son, Dallas Judge Mary Brown ruled against him, allowing his ex-wife to give James permanently sterilizing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormone drugs. Brown has now allowed James’ mother to take him across state lines without his father’s permission. James’ mother has expressed a desire to move to California where she could legally have him castrated.

Despite Younger’s loss, he has continued to fight against child gender mutilation and seeks to prevent this from happening to other children and parents in the future.

Before the Event

Immediately following the announcement of TPUSA’s event, the school’s radical “Progressive Student Union” began their attempts to force TPUSA to cancel the event.

The Progressive Student Union created signs, fliers, and social media posts to collect protestors for the event. They claimed that Younger is an “infamous transphobe who denies his child’s trans identity.”

The group then posted an advertisement on social media, asking students to “join PSU in opposing bigots on campus.”

PSU also created “trans rights” chalk artwork across the campus, trying to spread their narrative that child gender mutilation is a human right and must be allowed.

They also welcomed the Elm Fork chapter of the John Brown Gun Club, which took to social media in an attempt to amass more protestors.

UTA’s School of Social Work also attempted to shut down the event. In a statement regarding the event, they claimed to support the First Amendment right to free speech but added that Younger would be spreading “non-scientific” and “factually incorrect information.”

The school claimed, “Gender affirming care saves lives. Attempts to characterize it as ‘child abuse’ must be stopped, along with Younger’s attempts to pathologize LGBTQ+ people.”

The school’s Office for Cultural Engagement and Social Change also issued a statement regarding Younger’s presence on campus: “On November 10th, a transphobic speaker will be on campus, along with additional transphobic and white supremacist organizations.”

They then challenged the UTA community to “not only engage in critical dialogues regarding ways to disrupt and dismantle inequitable practices and policies, but also act in supporting marginalized identities impacted by these types of events.”

TPUSA UTA’s Vice President Carlos Turcios made it clear that the protestors’ actions did not intimidate them.

The Event

Despite attempts to instill fear in event attendees, the event had a large turnout, according to Turcios. The group succeeded in hosting a peaceful event indoors, while angry protestors waited outside and continued their attempts to intimidate students and attendees.

During the event, left-wing protestors chanted phrases including “F*** Jeff Younger” and “Get these bigots off our campus.”

Unlike his lecture earlier this year at the University of North Texas, Younger was able to present the dangers of child gender mutilation to those in attendance without disruption from protesters.

Following the Event

Afterwards, UTA’s PSU took to Instagram to thank over 100 protestors for their part in “standing … against the transphobe and fascist [Jeff Younger] who came to the university.”

Turcios called out the school for offering statements in support of the left-wing activists’ protest of the event while completely ignoring their use of antifa presence as an intimidation tactic.

“TPUSA hosted Jeff Younger on the 10th and UTA makes this social justice post and mentions transphobic and ‘white supremacists’ groups being a part of it, which is completely false. Where’s the condemnation of Antifa, UTA?” Turcios demanded.

The school has refused to comment on the presence of antifa members, as well as the John Brown Gun Club.

“UTA is showing its true ideological colors of social justice activism,” Turcios told Texas Scorecard following the event. “A taxpayer-funded institution should be neutral and not go after one of its student organizations all because of a disagreement.”

I hope Austin next year passes more strict laws that will remove all critical theory frameworks from taxpayer-funded universities and school districts. The Turning Point Chapter at UTA will not be intimidated nor discouraged by this, for we will continue exposing the left’s lies with our events.

This was not the first time that UTA has moved to promote left-wing politics on campus; the university has previously hosted a pride month drag show, created a “queer safe space” for students, and mandated critical race theory assignments.

The University of Texas at Arlington is a public university overseen by the University of Texas System’s Board of Regents. Led by Chairman Kevin Eltife, all members were appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott and confirmed by the Texas Senate.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.