The Miracle League of Corpus Christi is in the midst of a fundraising campaign to send one of its baseball players to an all-star event in Iowa.

Donations are being sought for Michael Rodriguez’s trip to the 2nd Annual Miracle League All Star Celebration in Sioux City, Iowa in September.

“Michael has actually been with us for a few years now,” Jiselle Perez, MLCC executive director, told Texas Scorecard. “He does a lot of our baseball programs.”

Michael, who has Down syndrome, plays for the MLCC’s Mets baseball team and is also very active within the nonprofit and the special needs community of Corpus Christi, added Perez.

“He’s just one of our players [who] was fortunately picked to go on this trip since we did have a few names in a drawing to be chosen to represent The Miracle League of Corpus Christi in Iowa,” she said.

The MLCC — an organization which, as stated on its website, focuses on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for kids between the ages of five and 17 and adults ages 18 and up with mental and/or physical disabilities regardless of his or her experience, or level of ability — gives its baseball players the opportunity to step up to the plate and bag a home run. Their names are enthusiastically announced to the crowd.

Perez gleefully stated that Michael evokes a very famous Marvel superhero when it is his turn at bat.

“He loves Captain America so when it is his turn to come out and bat … he comes out full of energy and comes up to the base and gives us a Captain America pose,” explained Perez. “And then he points out to the outfield for his home run. He’s just full of energy. Everybody just absolutely loves being around him. He loves to dance out there on the field as well. He’s definitely one that makes everyone smile whenever we’re out there.”

According to Perez, Michael and his mother were really excited when they learned of Michael’s selection.

“This is the first airplane trip for Michael,” his mother said in an email to Texas Scorecard. “He has traveled by car to places in the United States. North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, San Antonio, Central Point, Grand Prairie and Houston for family trips.”

The MLCC has a goal of $4,000. To make a donation, visit the Help Michael Get to Iowa page.

Businesses interested in sponsoring the trip can contact the MLCC at for more information.