As we edge closer to the start of the 82nd Legislature in Texas, many people are becoming jittery over the biennial budget and its projected $20 billion shortfall. Cutting back is never enjoyable, but then again, neither are tax increases. While budget cuts are sure to upset many people, they are actually better for our state, our budget, and future economic growth.

This is usually when the left gets really whiny and immature. Budget cuts are never popular or easy decisions, but they’re the responsible solution to prevent a serious and unnecessarily lengthy economic downturn. Whenever budget cuts are made, they are not all expected to be permanent. After all, there is nothing wrong with spending – the problem lies with politicians who wastefully spend! Whenever legislators recklessly spend our money, they get us stuck in situations like our current one in which a new legislature is faced with a large shortfall; they can either make tough cuts or further the recklessness by mortgaging their children’s futures.

Cutting back now is meant to ensure our economy will restructure itself, begin to grow, and then hopefully teach legislators to spend wisely so as to avoid future fiscal ruin. The other option, the one preferred by leftists, is to spend more money that we clearly don’t have because if you advocate tax cuts, you obviously just “hate” people or something ridiculous like that. Stubborn fact of the matter is that fiscal conservatives traditionally advocate budget cuts in times of financial woe so our economy doesn’t completely bust and put us all out in the street.

If liberals really were so “selfless” and “caring,” they’d realize when things get tight, we all have a responsibility to tighten our belts and make sacrifices that are essential to getting our economy back on track. Our elected officials have been entrusted with our money and our futures; that is where their priorities should lie when trying to grow our economy: the future of this nation. I understand it is always easier to live in the now, but it takes a truly selfless servant to sacrifice now so others may have a brighter future. This service ultimately begins with getting our fiscal house in order and pursuing policies that allow individuals to provide for their family and leave them with their own tomorrow.