Last week, Waco Pride Network (WPN) hosted a “child-friendly” drag event called “Out on the Brazos.” The event presented multiple men dressed as women performing provocative dances in front of children, a story time for children hosted by another man pretending to be a woman, a trans “healthcare” panel for children, and an education lecture on sexually transmitted infections.

Controversy surrounded this event as soon as it was announced.

People immediately noticed the event’s sponsorship by SpaceX, causing Elon Musk’s involvement to be challenged online. Musk has remained silent regarding the issue.

Alongside SpaceX, several churches also sponsored the event, creating even more of a commotion (Central Presbyterian Church of Waco, Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church, University Baptist Church, Flaming Baptists, Lake Shore Baptist Church). 

The biggest controversy, though, was caused by a video posted by podcaster Bryanna Robinson on Instagram and reposted by Robby Starbuck on Twitter.

Robinson attended the event with hopes of uncovering the disturbing content being forced on kids by parents and groomers.

“What I saw yesterday was not a family-friendly event. It was a bunch of adults living out their sexual kinks in front of children and attempting to bring them into it,” Robinson said in an Instagram video about the event.

“It was NOT family-friendly,” wrote one of her Instagram followers in agreement. “This was child sexual abuse. Waco will not tolerate this victimization of our kids and regression of our culture.”

Robinson also posted videos of these groomers dressed as strippers on display for children to see. There were numerous drag performers; however, drag dancer Harlotte Hussy gained most of the outsider attention for his explicit routine performed directly in front of and with children.

Hussy flaunted as much skin as possible, dressed in fishnet tights, tiny shorts, and a barely-there top with cash hanging out from a gap in the chest.

Children stood aghast, but parents cheered on the groomer dressed as a stripper as he performed a disturbing routine directly in front of their children’s faces.

Hussy proceeded to touch himself provocatively, drop to the ground and spread his legs wide, and simulate rubbing his genitals.

People were outraged after seeing the video Robinson posted of the event.

“This should be against the law…how and why it isn’t I will never understand,” said one tweet. “This is essentially promoting pedophilia.”

“I’m trying to understand why any adult thinks this is okay, and why other adults need their sexual preferences and kinks validated by children. Why do more people not find this disturbing?” another citizen commented under Robinson’s post.

When this video was brought to WPN’s attention, they rushed to release an “apology” letter regarding the explicit dancer. They expressed very briefly that they “accept responsibility and apologize that this [Hussy’s performance] occurred.” WPN then went on to say, “We do not believe that these performers had malicious intentions, but we do not condone their actions.”

The network then focused their attention on vilifying Robinson for recording the video and “harassing” and “lashing out” at “anyone [she] could find.”

WPN downplayed the sexual dances performed by the crossdressing men they hired, saying that “performances outside the bounds of our standards were not the worst thing that occurred.”

They explained that “an individual” (Robinson) attended their event “with the explicit intention to spread hate and misinformation about our community.” They attempted to place the blame for the disgust that the video has received on Robinson, saying she took the video out of context, continues to spread lies about them, and misrepresented them.

The topic of ending explicit drag shows for minors is expected to be an issue in the upcoming legislative session, as State Rep. Bryan Slaton (R–Royse City) has pledged to file legislation to ban such events.

Soli Rice

A journalist for Texas Scorecard, Soli is a new Texan with a passion for politics. She's excited to hone her writing skills and help spread truth to Texans.


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