Before the runoff election, HD84’s Mark Griffin told the Texas Tribune “We’ve got an interesting phenomenon going on here,” Griffin said speaking of his not winning outright in the March 2nd Primary. “I think they’re upset with Washington, and this was the only way to express it.”

Then last night and today, HD83’s Delwin Jones blamed his loss on “political unrest” explaining that people don’t even know what it is they are upset about.

A note to these two men, and to other elites in both parties: It’s your and other officeholder’s arrogant attitude toward voters that have people upset. Both of you are saying that the voters are stupid and don’t know the difference between a state rep. seat and the U.S. Congress.

Gentlemen it is you both who don’t understand. You don’t understand that, as George Will pointed out after the attacks of September 11th, 2001, “Americans are slow to anger but mighty when angry…”

To the insider-elites voters are just confused dumb people lashing out anywhere they can.

It’s my contention that in this election the majority of voters fully noticed the dismissive elitism of the two losing candidates. If the elitist were right, all of the incumbents in the Lubbock-area courthouses would have been turned out in this primary too, but such was not the case.

Whether from the Right or Left, candidates had better develop the deeply held sense of respect for the American people that so marked Ronald Reagan or, they will thrown out time and again when our people exercise their might after long and slow boils.

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