In comments made to Bloomberg and widely reported on X, Mark Cuban has endorsed the flagging re-election campaign of President Joe Biden.

The minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks made his remarks after visiting the White House to discuss high drug prices. The billionaire owns Cost Plus Drugs, a low-priced prescription drug provider he launched in 2022.

Cuban’s endorsement came days after the New York Times published polling, showing Donald Trump with a five-point lead over Joe Biden. That lead is paired with near record-low favorability figures following Biden’s third year in office and evidence Biden is losing 2020 voters to Trump.

In January, Cuban sparred on X with its billionaire owner Elon Musk over DEI policies. During the exchange, Cuban shilled for DEI, while Musk called the practices racist and famously asked when the NBA franchise owner would recruit a short White or Asian woman to play for his team.

Meanwhile, as Cuban works the Biden administration at the national level to entrench his pill company, he’s hustling Texas lawmakers to grant him a billion-dollar oligopic casino empire. Last year, Cuban teamed up with the Adelson family, owners of the Las Vegas Sands Casino empire, by selling them a majority stake in the Mavericks and assisting in lobbying for casino gambling in Texas.

Democrats in Texas have long pushed for expanding gambling, joined from time to time by a contingent of Republicans willing to break from party orthodoxy and economic arguments against such expansions.

While gambling interests have limited engagement in the upcoming primary election, they are expected to deploy resources ahead of the legislative session in 2025 to push for expanded gaming in the state.

In offering his endorsement, Cuban said he’d vote for Biden over Donald Trump if the current president was being read his last rites, a sentiment that appears to cede the point that Joe Biden is in a state of cognitive decline and knocking on death’s very door.

Texans will be watching to see if Republican lawmakers vote to enrich DEI and Biden-backing billionaires.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.