Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is speaking out after a Plano officer was filmed kowtowing to a leftist mob blocking a highway. 

A video of the event shows the group blocking the highway by an overpass, when a driver of one of the blocked cars gets out to confront them, angrily asking the mob to get off the road. 

The man then asks a nearby officer why he’s allowing this illegal activity to occur. The video later shows one participant pulling what appears to be a gun on the man. The crowd then mobs around him, appearing on the verge of attacking the man. A Plano police officer—the same one from earlier in the video—takes the side of the mob and pushes the man away from the swarming crowd. The angry man then walks away, with a breakaway group following him halfway to his vehicle. 

Afterward, the crowd goes back to blocking the highway with police protection.

Paxton condemned the officer’s actions, stating, “We must not let lawlessness take root in Texas!” 

He went on to claim lawlessness already has taken root in Plano, due to its police chief being “unwilling to enforce the law.” 

After discussing the video’s contents, Paxton explained that he contacted the Plano police chief for more details. The chief claimed the weapon used by the armed leftist was not a pistol, but a “pepper ball gun.” In another conversation, he called it a “taser.” In a Facebook post, the Plano Police Department then called it an “electronic control device.”

Paxton went on to say the police chief was “anxious to excuse the rioters,” while the driver mobbed by leftist crowds has been charged with “assault by contact” for slapping a person’s hand away from his face. 

The armed leftist has still not been charged, even after brandishing a weapon.

Paxton added he would “never allow our beautiful Texas cities and neighborhoods to become Portland or Seattle or San Francisco because of the unchecked Left.”

I call upon my friends and allies across the state to crack down on this lawlessness immediately.

Joshua Pierce

Joshua Pierce is originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth Area, a graduate of University of Dallas, Honor Roll student, and an Eagle Scout. An activist from a young age with a history of backing Conservatives, he is a Spring 2021 Fellow for Texas Scorecard, and is glad to help hold the Texas political establishment accountable.


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