Just what we need: higher taxes. But that’s what the El Paso Times wants, er, um, that’s what they say an Oil Paso oil man wants. Not the newspaper, no sir. The editorial board is just wants everyone to “stop and think” about the silly proposals of Western Refining CEO Paul Foster.

Foster looks at Europe and their high gasoline taxes and thinks we need it too. Liberals have been saying that for years: high taxes are good enough for Europe, why not here?

“I think the tax on gasoline needs to be at least $2 a gallon,” Foster is quoted by the newspaper as telling Fortune Magazine.

That’d be renamed “Fortuneless Magazine” under this scheme.

Let’s see: England, Germany, France… They all have the economic output of, roughly, Dalhart. They have taxed themselves into economic irrelevance. But an El Paso businessman thinks that’s great for America!

What in the world is he selling? According to the El Paso Times, he just wants to “help wean citizens off petroleum products.” I bet that makes his investors REAL excited.

Don’t worry: Foster wants to impose this insane new tax slowly – hoping you won’t notice too quickly.

Here’s an idea for Mr. Foster: Start raising the price of your own gasoline and donating the cash to the government treasury. We’ll let the market show you just how silly (and bankrupting) your ideas are in the real world.


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