The Republican primary election saw the victories of at least 11 new nominees who will be facing off against Democrats in the November general election.

These new nominees won the primary races in solidly Republican districts and are projected to win their districts in November.

In House District 2, local attorney Brent Money unseated Jill Dutton merely two months after he lost to her in the runoff election for the House District 2 special election. Money will be facing Democrat Kristen Washington in November.

Daniel Alders won the House District 6 primary—an uncontested seat—and will face Democrat Cody Grace in the general election.

Paul Dyson defeated Rick Davis in House District 14 and will face Democrat Fred Medina in the general election.

Matt Morgan defeated incumbent State Rep. Jacey Jetton (R-Richmond) in House District 26 and will face Democrat Daniel Lee in November. Morgan was endorsed by Attorney General Paxton while Gov. Greg Abbott endorsed Jetton.

Wesley Virdell defeated Hatch Smith in House District 53. Virdell will face off against Democrat Joe Herrera in November.

In House District 55, pro-family advocate Hillary Hickland won the primary against incumbent State Rep. Hugh Shine (R-Temple). Some of Hickland’s notable endorsements include Abbott, former President Donald Trump, and Paxton. Hickland is set to run against Democrat Jennifer Lee in the November general election.

Pat Curry defeated Devvie Duke in House District 56. Curry will face off against Democrat Eric Shank.

Shelly Luther defeated incumbent State. Rep. Reggie Smith (R-Van Alstyne) in a rematch for House District 62 and will face Democrat Tiffany Drake in the general election. Smith has a history of slow-walking and/or killing priority measures addressing election security.

In House District 65, Mitch Little unseated incumbent State Rep. Kronda Thimesch (R-Lewisville). Little will face off against Democrat Detrick Deburr in November.

Caroline Fairly, endorsed by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, defeated Cindi Bulla in the primary race for House District 87. Fairly will face Democrat Tim Gassaway in the general election.

Marc Lahood unseated incumbent State Rep. Steve Allison (R-San Antonio) in House District 121 and is set to run against Democrat Laurel Swift in the November general election.

In House District 80, Don McLaughlin Jr. won the Republican primary. This seat is projected to flip from Democrat to Republican this year.

Joanne Shofner, Janis Holt, and Mike Olcott also each won their primary elections against incumbents. As the Democrats did not field any candidates to oppose them in the general election, the three will win uncontested in November.

Several other races are headed to the runoff election to determine the Republican nominees. The runoff election will take place May 28.

Will Biagini

Will was born in Louisiana and raised in a military family. He currently serves as a journalist with Texas Scorecard. Previously, he was a senior correspondent for Campus Reform.