While I typically do not agree with Democrats, I completely believe in giving credit where it is due. When it comes to the “sonogram bill” making its way through the Texas Senate, I’d like to thank the three Democrats who have stood by their faith and values rather than succumb to politics on the issues as their colleagues have. In 2009 democratic Senators Carlos Uresti, Eddie Lucio Jr., and Judith Zaffirini voted with the Republican majority (except Senator Wentworth) to pass the “sonogram bill.” So far this session it seems as if these three Democrats will once again cross the aisle to address a matter of faith, such as informed consent to an abortion.

Senator Dan Patrick, the bill’s author, admits that the bill may not go as far as he or others would like it to go, but working within the confines of legal precedence (Roe v. Wade) SB16 offers more information to women considering an abortion. Aside from faith and personal experiences, information seems to be driving a wedge in the Democratic senate caucus. As a pharmacist, liberal firebrand Senator Leticia Van de Putte believes that this bill is an example of an intrusive government that is getting between a patient and their doctor when it comes to the personal health decisions we make. Call me naive, but I thought that’s what Democrats believe in: large government. Isn’t that what they spent the last two years forcing on the American people? Anyway, the point here is that certain members of the Texas Senate are unfortunately placing politics before their faith, life, and greater access to information.

SB16 doesn’t prohibit women from choosing to abort a pregnancy, but it does offer women more information in these difficult situations in the hopes that they will choose life. I cannot see why anyone would be opposed to giving people in difficult situations more information on their options and risks associated with an abortion, especially the regret that many people feel years down the road. Ultimately this bill will not be an inconvenience to anyone and will not “force” anybody to do anything, so the argument that this is just another case of the government meddling where it shouldn’t is just ridiculous.

I may not agree with my state senator on many issues, but I am glad to say that Senator Uresti stood up for the most vulnerable in our society in 2009, and I pray that he and others will stand for the unborn again this session and pass the “sonogram bill,” a bill that will save lives by providing options and information. SB16 is expected to come before the full Senate on as early as Wednesday.


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