What can $6,000 of your tax dollars and two rappers from California make? A whole lot of waste. That’s exactly what BikeTexas produced with a new video promoting bicycle safety on college campuses.

“The Rhymanese Twins”

It’s hard to believe such a taxpayer-funded video could be produced that was as bad as the Houston Metro’s Transit Boyz, but BikeTexas pulled it off.

This 3-minute long rap intended to get college freshmen to wear helmets when biking around campus is nothing short of cringe-worthy – especially with the knowledge that your tax dollars paid for it.

Part of the $6,000 used to create the video was used to fly “The Rhymanese Twins” from California. Why couldn’t rappers from Texas work? Too much dignity, perhaps.

The funding for the video was part of an $85,000 federal grant (i.e. your tax dollars) TxDOT awarded to BikeTexas –- a non-profit bicycle education and advocacy organization. Seems like such a small number compared to the $31 billion in transportation debt TxDOT faces over the next 25 to 30 years.

BikeTexas said it would consider producing another music video in the future. Try not to get too excited.


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