Texas Scorecard

"Real News for Real Texans."

Keeping Taxpayers In The Dark (Texas Minute)

A new board member at Tarrant County’s hospital district has proposed something revolutionary; he wants the entity to join the 21st century by recording and posting its meetings online. So far, the board has stalled, paying lip service to the idea without taking...

Federal Yellow (Texas Minute)

Everyone likes to complain about government waste, but too often nothing gets done. When Phil Wilson took over as the head of the Texas Department of Transportation a few years back, he asked employees where they could save money. The surprising answer saved big money.

How Republican Is Texas? (Texas Minute)

Everyone talks about Texas being a Republican state, but just how Republican is it? Texas’ state Republican convention is home to the second largest political convention in the world – second only to the meeting of the communist party in China.

Tax-Funded Lobbying (Texas Minute)

A major obstacle blocking pro-taxpayer reforms are local politicians, bureaucrats and the lobbyists they hire with your money. More than half of registered lobbyists in Austin are hired to represent government-interests. That means taxpayers are forced to subsidize...

Mongolian Death Worm (Texas Minute)

Texas taxpayers paid for the Mongolian death worm. Confused? You should be. The Mongolian death worm isn’t the latest scary disease, it was a grade-b, made-for-TV sci-fi movie that no one saw.

Opposing Reforms (Texas Minute)

More than 85 percent of Texas Republicans voted to bring competition to public education, but one Texas billionaire is spending his money to make sure kids are trapped in failing schools.

Ballot Transparency (Texas Minute)

During a recent Senate hearing, government-interest groups were at it again, passionately opposing greater ballot transparency for Texas taxpayers. Ballot transparency is critical, considering Texas has the second-highest, local debt per resident in the nation… higher...