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Filthy Books!

Christin Bentley, a Tyler ISD mom, discusses her campaign to get rid of pornography in Texas school libraries. Plus, with the legislative session more than halfway over, Michael Quinn Sullivan reflects on what has (and hasn’t) happened so far.

Fentanyl Distributors to Be Charged With Murder

As the Texas Senate has begun to deliberate and pass legislation, they unanimously passed a bill this week that would charge fentanyl distributors with murder. Republican State Sen. Joan Huffman from Houston introduced Senate Bill 645, also known as the "Combating...

Dozens of ‘Filthy Books’ Found in School Libraries

Texas mom Christin Bentley is taking a novel approach to get sexually explicit books out of kids’ libraries: she’s sending daily samples of the “filthy” books to all state lawmakers, who will soon be considering legislation to protect children from exposure to adult...

Lawmaker Calls for Investigation Into Frisco ISD Trustees

Following the recent publication of undercover footage from a meeting with three Frisco Independent School District trustees, State Rep. Matt Shaheen of Plano has requested that the Texas Education Agency launch an investigation into the FISD trustees present.