Fernando Trevino

Not So Fast

The biggest argument in defense of Speaker Joe Straus is that under Tom Craddick, Republicans lost many seats in the Texas House, but under Straus we gained 22 seats. While this is true, I don’t think the two are related at all. Texans elected 22 new conservatives to the Texas House of Representatives because Texans were clearly yearning for smaller, smarter government!

New Faces of the Texas GOP

Included in the GOP wave that swept Texas Democrats back to being even more irrelevant than they already were, were five Latino Republicans and two black Republicans. Let that sink in for a minute. Yes, nearly one-third of the newly elected Republican state representatives were conservative minorities!

Race for Texas Speaker!

Last week Texas Republicans did exceptionally well and defeated 22 liberal state legislators, bringing about a new way of running things in Austin. Election results on November 2nd were a clear mandate from the people of Texas for conservative leadership in the the state House, and I hope Speaker Joe Straus was listening.

Open For Business Indeed

As most of you probably know, Governor Perry released his first TV ad of the campaign season earlier this week, and I think it is great! The ad was very positive, very welcoming and forward-looking, and of course stood on Governor Perry’s solid record of positive economic growth in our state despite the national economic downturn.

Update on Vote Harvesting Trial in SW Texas

Earlier this year, I wrote about the Democratic primary in Val Verde County and a pending case regarding vote harvesting in the race for the Precinct 4 County Commissioner. Earlier this month, the court delivered its opinion.


What will Democrats do as more minority candidates get elected as Republicans?

Texans’ Tax Breaks Trigger Spending

It’s back-to-school time here in Texas, and we all know what that means: tax-free weekend is here! This weekend thousands of Texans will be heading to malls, shopping centers, and outlets across this state in order to purchase tax-exempt items for school such as clothing and school supplies.

Just Be Honest

Apparently Bill White’s “strategy” of being dishonest with Texans and running from his record isn’t working. The truth just keeps catching up with him and blowing up in his face. The most recent embarrassment from the White campaign is his handling of President Obama’s visit to Texas where he will be fundraising for Democrats.

The Importance of Redistricting

As we all know, the next legislative session will be consumed by redistricting, along with the biennial budget, a voter ID bill, a sonogram bill, a possible immigration debate, and a potential challenge to Joe Straus for the Speaker’s gavel. However, redistricting is probably the most pertinent issue as Texas is expected to gain four congressional seats–four times as many as any other state!