Kay Cuts

So while Texas’ ranking senator may have voted against earmark reform, she has been out working to make permanent the tax cuts passed by Congress several years ago. That’s good news, even if it does paint a complicated picture of Kay Bailey Hutchison as taxpayers and voters look ahead to a possible 2010 gubernatorial match-up.

Breaking Wind

A state study shows that hooking Texas’ major cities up to the new “wind farms” could exceed $6 billion — that’s more than $260 for every man, woman and child. The cheapest option would set still Texans back $3 billion.

Kay Marking

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn has a great commentary out addressing congress’ historic-low ratings. He lays the blame squarely on lawmakers’ inability to control themselves fiscally. He specifically highlights the failure of the U.S. Senate to pass earmark reform legislation. While he doesn’t say it, one obstacle is the other senator from Texas, Kay Bailey Hutchison.

What About Breathalyzers?

Lawmakers have only recently come under fire for a decades-old practice in the Texas House: ghost voting. This is where someone votes for an absent colleague. It often happens with the consent of the absent (but not always), and usually in the manner the member would have voted (though sometimes not) — but that doesn’t necessarily make the practice palatable.

Lewis In HD81

We hosted a live conference call last night for folks in House District 81 — and some 2,500 took part in the call to ask questions of fiscal conservative Tryon Lewis, who the Empower Texans PAC has endorsed in the run-off.

Red-Light Rights

Did you know cities are required to post signs telling you red-light cameras are in effect at an intersection? And without the signs, they cannot collect a fine? We chatted this week with State Rep. Bill Callegari, who passed the law and is bothered by the lack of compliance around the state.

Moore Conservative

One of the strongest voices for fiscal conservativism, and commonsense governance, is Steve Moore. He founded the Club for Growth, and now serves as senior economics writer at the Wall Street Journal, and a writer on the vaunted editorial page.

Pork On Fat

It’s a delicious irony: Texas’ taxpayers are being forced to fork over $250,000 to “invest” in a miracle drug that will allegedly combat obesity. Sound like more high-calorie pork? It’d be cheaper to tell the lard-laden to put the candy-bar down and go for a brisk walk.

Heating Up Unemployment

It’s not just hot-air created by global warming proponents. Now they want your job and family income, too.

List of Texas Taxes Spans 85 Pages

A Houston television report has revealed that the list of fees imposed by Texas state government spans some 85 pages. The story notes that Governor Rick Perry and Rep. Mark Strama will work for legislation next session to ensure that these fees are either used for their intended purpose or abolished.