Texas Scorecard Video

Abbott Under Fire as Third Session Begins

This week Brandon is joined by Jeramy Kitchen to talk about the opening of the third special session, the border crisis, and President Biden’s vaccine mandates. 

Debate: Should Abortion Be Legal in Texas?

For all of our listeners and viewers you don’t wonder about my position on this issue, but it’s a massive debate going on around the nation and around the world.

A Conversation with Sen. Ted Cruz

A Conversation with Sen. Ted Cruz

LIVE from the 1836 Studios, Sen. Ted Cruz joins Empower Texans CEO Michael Quinn Sullivan for a conversation about the latest from Washington!

On the Trail: Wrap Up

On the Trail: Wrap Up

Cary Cheshire and Zach Maxwell spent more than a month traveling the state to check in on some the key races in this years Texas GOP primary. What did they learn?

Jim & Michael Show: Live From Israel

Jim & Michael Show (02/01/18)

Jim & Michael are back! On this special episode the guys got together to discuss some of the key races in this year’s GOP primary!